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Home Workshop on Real Time Hydrological Information systems
Workshop on Real Time Hydrological Information systems
HP-II Workshop on Real-time Hydrological Information Systems
Mark Heggli, Meteorologist/Hydrologist
Expert Real-time Hydrological Information Systems
Innovative Hydrology, Inc.
Consultant to the World Bank
Workshop Goal and Objectives
  • GOAL: Develop Expertise with the Technical Aspects of Acquiring and Managing a Hydrological Information System.
  • Objectives
    • Understand the Design of a Hydrological Information System
    • Familiarization with Instrumentation, Data Transmission and Data Management Solutions common in an advanced HIS
    • Review Keys to Specifying your Hydrological Information System
    • Understand the pre-bid and Bid Evaluation Phase
    • Equipment Delivery and Acceptance
    • What is involved in Commissioning your Hydrological Information System
    • How to Manage your HIS during the Warranty Period
    • How to Manage and Maintain your HIS after Warranty Period
Workshop Modules
Module Topic
1 Introduction
2 Essential Elements of a Hydrological Information System
3 Current Real-time HIS Solutions
[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]
4 Site Selection & Security
5 Training and Operation & Maintenance
6 Specifications
7 Pre-bid, Bid Evaluation, Inspection and Commissioning
8 Managing Your HIS System ?Warranty Period & Beyond