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Specifications   Hydrology Project   Telemetry System
Automatic monitoring stations in remote area or at locations where data are urgently needed in the Data Centre can be coupled to a telemetry system, so that the data from the digital data loggers can be regularly transmitted back to the Data Centre.
Telemetry System : GPRS/edge based data transmission system with at least one month power backup


The transmission system should be tightly integrated with compact remote/field mounted systems consisting of data logger, modem and antenna in one single metal cast housing (Die Cast Aluminium);

1. The system should be watertight (IP67) and impact resistant.
2. The system should allow easy access into the well for control measurements without removing complete system.
3. The system must be power-supplied by standard lithium batteries for operation time of minimum one year by one set of batteries (one transmission per day, 4 measurements per day) and must be placed in a separate water resistant (IP68) cylindrical container hanging in the pipe below the main unit or on the surface.
4. The system must have integrated energy management system using free programmable time slots for measurement and transmission to minimize power consumption.
5. The connectors should be water-tight (IP67).
6. An alarm notification must be sent by the system via SMS to four mobile phone numbers through suitable means of communication in case of station component failure. This includes battery performance and life expectancy.
7. A standard USB communication interface should be available for set up and configuration and must be easily accessible.
8. All measurement and set up options, data download and programming of data logger shall also be done by online session similar to all functions at site by direct connection to a PC or PDA without any difference.
9. Option for Blue Tooth/IR/Wi-Fi interface should be available.
10. Data download / retrieval from remote PC Via GSM/GPRS network compatible to 850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz (Quad Band) under software control. Output of this software should be in standard ASCII/CSV/XML format.
11. The software should be provided to allow download of data from the data logger on to a laptop in the field.