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Water quality monitoring and modelling in Taldanda Canal Water Resources Department, Odisha, and National Institute of Technology, Rorkela
The Taldanda canal draws water from the Mahanadi River at Cuttack for irrigation, domestic and industrial use. In recent years the canal has become increasingly polluted and so the study sought to:
  1. Collect water quality samples at nine locations along the canal, at four drains discharging into the canal and one point on Hansua Nala.
  2. To develop a water quality model to investigate how pollutants moved through the canal system.
Results and Recommendations
  1. The study used historical water quality data together with data collected during the PDS.
  2. Canal water has high counts of coliform bacteria (up to 2500 MPN at the lower end of the canal).
  3. COD and BOD levels are also high.
  4. Used a model called QUAL2E to study how pollutants moved along the canal.
  5. Unfortunately at the time of writing (April 2014) no final report is available so no further details of results can be given.
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