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Storm water management in Otteri Nullah sub-basin, Chennai Corporation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
National Institute of Hydrology, Belgaum
Following heavy rainfall the storm drainage system of Otteri Nullah sub-basin in Chennai experiences frequent flooding. The study aimed to:
  1. Collect all available rainfall data for the study area.
  2. Develop a digital terrain model and map storm drain system.
  3. Use the SWMM model to examine the flood runoff from a range of return period storms.
  4. To consider the feasibility of improving the flooding problem by running the SWMM model with a number of possible new channel and storm drain configurations.
  5. To disseminate results to key Municipal agencies.
Results and Recommendations
  1. 30-years of hourly rainfall from the IMD raingauge at Nungambakkam were analysed to produce storm inputs to the SWMM model.
  2. Although the model fit to observed data was not particularly good, the model was rerun with an improved bed profile in the main channel.
  3. At present Otteri Nullah produces a flood hydrograph with a peak of around 13-14m3/s lasting almost 20 hours. With the re-shaped channel, the storm rainfall evacuates the runoff much more efficiently, with a peak outflow of just below 50m3/s lasting only 4-5 hours.
  4. Unfortunately at the time of writing (April 2014) no final report is available and hence no further details of results can be provided.
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