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Impact of sewage effluent on drinking water sources of Shimpla city and suggested ameliorative measures
National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee
Drinking waters in Shimla have been contaminated by a variety of pollutants, particularly from human waste. The study set out to:
  1. Collect water quality data from drinking water sources, natural drains and sewage effluent.
  2. Determine the extent to which sewage effluent is getting into drinking water.
  3. To seek remedial measures.
  4. To disseminate results.
Results and Recommendations
  1. Sources of drinking water contamination were identified.
  2. Source waters to Ashwani water treatment works was being contaminated by human defecation in the open, by leakage from faulty sewers, dumping of solid waste in stream channels and so on.
  3. Ashwani was not designed to cope with organics and pathogens, but must be upgraded to cope with the poor quality raw water entering the plant.
  4. A number of improvements to maintenance and responding to sewer breakages were identified.
  5. A wide range of remedial measures were proposed
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