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Integrated approach for snowmelt runoff studies and effect of anthropogenic activities in Beas basin
National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee in collaboration with Bhakra Beas Management Board
Snow and glacier melt provide key inputs to Pandoh dam. The study aimed to:
  1. Evaluate snow cover and its areal extent over the Beas catchment upstream of Pandoh dam using remote sensing.
  2. To estimate snowmelt runoff from this information.
  3. To use stable isotopes δ18O/δD in the winter snow, summer rain, ice core and meltwater to attempt to identify sources of reservoir inflow.
  4. To study the major ion chemistry of these sources.
  5. Study trends and to investigate potential changes resulting from climate change.
Results and Recommendations
  1. SNOWMOD model used to snowmelt runoff modelling.
  2. Snowmelt provides about 52% of Pandoh dam inflow, rainfall about 6-7% and glacier melt about 42% although these figures vary from month to month.
  3. A range of changing climate scenarios were considered with temperature and precipitation being ?perturbed?. Unfortunately this work is not reference to the IPCC reports, which are generally considered to be the primary source of such data.
  4. Unfortunately at the time of writing (April 2014) no final report is available and hence no further details of results can be provided.
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