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Effect of changing water allocation in Nathsagar project, Jayakawadi Dam, Paithon, Distrit Aurangabad C.E. Hydrology Project, Nasik, Maharshtra
The study sought to study how changes in water releases from Jayakawadi reservoir were affecting various user groups. The reservoir was constructed primarily to supply water for irrigation to the Nathsagar area. However, new demands from domestic water supply and for industry are causing problems. The study reviewed a large number of earlier reports documenting the changing understanding of available water resources and the impacts of upstream developments on water resources.
Results and Recommendations
Unfortunately a final report on this project is not yet available (April 2014). Interim presentations showed a lot of useful information on how farmers have adapted to the reduced reliability of water supply from the reservoir because of abstractions by other users that were not part of the original scheme. The study focused primarily on irrigation water use and agricultural production and showed that overall there had been significant benefits from the scheme even if water was now being used in ways very different to those originally planned.
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