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Optimisation of streamgauge and raingauge network for upper Bhima basin
Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune
  1. To review the present raingauge and stream gauge network for the Upper Bhima basin(14,712 km2).
  2. To use statistical methods to determine optimal gauge networks for the basin.
  3. To disseminate results such that the approach may be more widely used.
Results and Recommendations
  1. The Upper Bhima basin currently has 14 operating GD stations.
  2. The study recommended that six of these be discontinued because they were either affected by downstream backwater, rendering their data suspect, or were downstream of dams.
  3. Where GD stations were downstream of dams, data from reservoir operations could be used to compute daily inflows.
  4. Effectively the GD network should be reduced from 14 to 12 GD stations.
  5. There are 44 operational raingauges, all recording daily totals, eight of whichare self-recording gauges (SRRG) and five of these eight are equipped as full climate stations (FCS).
  6. It was recommended that 14 stations be discontinued and five new stations added to achieve a more effective raingauge network.
  7. No single optimization method performed better than others and hence a combination of statistical methods and empirical rules was used.
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