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Study of water quality for fluctuations in River Sabarmati
Gujarat Engineering Research Laboratory, Narmada Water Resources, Water Supply and Kalpasar Department
  1. To update water quality data on the Sabarmati River ii. To observe the effects of dilution on surface water quality due to Narmada water
  2. discharge through Narmada main canal at locations along the River Sabarmati.
  3. To study the interaction between the river and groundwater to investigate possible pollution of aquifers.
  4. Water quality from collected and analysed from 11 river sampling points and 9 groundwater points.
Results and Recommendations
  1. The upper reaches of the Sabarmati River have good quality water due to inputs from the Narmada system.
  2. However, the river becomes heavily polluted after Gandihinagar due to discharges of domestic, agricultural and industrial waste rendering river water unfit for human consumption or irrigation.
  3. Groundwater is generally of reasonable quantity because of recharge from good quality Narmada main canal water.
  4. The PDS recommends greater use of groundwater recharge.
  5. More modern irrigation techniques should be employed.
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