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Study of water quality fluctuation in River Vishwamitri
Gujarat Engineering Research Laboratory, Narmada Water Resources, Water Supply and Kalpasar Department
  1. To update water quality data on the Vishwamatri River measured at 11 points on the Vishwamitri River and in 7 boreholes along the river valley.
  2. To study the effects of waste water discharges on water quality of the River Vishwamitri.
  3. To study the interaction between the river and groundwater to investigate possible pollution of aquifers.
Results and Recommendations
  1. The major pollution problem is from untreated or partially treated domestic sewage. The river war has high nutrient loads and hence high BOD demands.
  2. Many sites had very high TDS values (greater than 5,000 to 10,000mg/l) due to industrial pollution.
  3. Heavy metal concentrations were frequently above limits set by the CPCB. These probably originated from various chemical plants, metal industries and dye works.
  4. Groundwater is contaminated from both industrial waste and particularly human waste which infiltrates from cesspools.
  5. Vadodara Municipal Council is undertaking a major programme of upgrading sewage treatment plants, although more needs to be done.
  6. GPCB has taken legal action against a number of industries and all large and medium industries are being forced to build suitable treatment plants for their effluent.
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