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Study of reservoir sedimentation, impact assessment and development of catchment area treatment plan for Kodar Reservoir
National Institute of Hydrology, Bhopal and Water Resource Department, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Reservoir sedimentation can reduce their storage capacity and reduce their useful operational life. The PDS sought to quantify sediment inputs to Kodar reservoir and to develop a catchment management plan to reduce sediment inflows and deposition. The study involved:
  1. Use of the SWAT model on the Kodar reservoir catchment to estimate erosion rates and sediment inflows to the reservoir.
  2. Remote sensing of reservoir water area and deducing volume lost by sedimentation,
  3. Use of the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) to estimate sediment production from various parts of the catchment.
  4. Development of a catchment management plan that could reduce sediment inflow to Kodar reservoir.
Results and Recommendations
  1. Remote sensing shows that since its construction in 1977 Kodar reservoir has lost 43% of its dead storage and 17% of its live storage capacity to sedimentation over the past 32 years (1976-77 to 2008-09).
  2. The SWAT modeling combined with use of the USLE was used to estimate present rates of sediment yield and the model run to consider how a range of catchment modifications might reduce reservoir sedimentation.
  3. Measures such as improved agricultural practices, e.g. contour farming, boulder bunds, reforestation and so on combined with channel modifications such as gully and nulla plugs plus larger check dams could produce significant reductions in sediment inputs to the reservoir.
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