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Publications from the Centre of Science and Environment can be ordered by e-mail: sales@cseindia.org or by telephone: (+91) 011-608 3394
A water harvesting manual for urban areas. This is a technical easy-to-use manual which contains basic concepts and techniques of water harvesting at residential, institutional or industrial level, accompanied with simple illustrations Rs.90.
Corporate Environment Inc. This monthly compilation of news of industry's track record in environment, including impact on water bodies, based upon articles from 70 leading newspapers and periodicals from across the world. An annual subscription costs Rs.3000.
Dying Wisdom. This book is (reprinted, due to high demand) about the rise, fall and potential of India's traditional water harvesting systems. It talks about subjects such as segmentary approach to irrigation and drinking water and solving water crises by using harvesting systems. Rs 290.
Global Environmental Negotiations. This report closely analyses important environment related conventions and institutions. It aims to demystifies the politics of saving the environment and looks at the impact of global environmental governance on the lives of people. Rs.590.
Green Politics. This book aims to demystify the politics around environmental governance and its impact on the lives of normal people. Rs.590
Health Links includes two chapters on water pollution and waterborne diseases.
Indo Gangetic Links. This directory lists all environmental experts, including water specialists, working on the Indo Gangetic plains. Rs.65.
Natural Resources Links. This directory contains more than 4000 key contacts in the government of people who have their fingers on India's natural resources. Rs.490.
The Citizens' Fifth Report (2 volumes). Volume 1 presents a report on environmental issues; events, policies and parties. Volume 2 provides a statistical database on different aspects of India's environment. Rs.590.
Our ecological footprint. This is a manual for trainers and teachers to teach about the environment and how to take measures to preserve natures resources. Rs. 90.
Water Links Directory. This directory lists individuals and organisations involved in water harvesting in India and overseas and is available for Rs.140.