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Hydrological Design Aids (Surface Water)    Objective   HDA 2
HDA 2: Estimation of Design Flood
Estimation of the design flood is essential for the safety aspects of various components or water resources projects. The HDA 2design aid will include all the standard approaches (method, time projection, structures category and downstream hazard classification (if applicable)) for design flood estimation for different purposes. Here also three scenarios may exist.
  • All hydro-meteorological records within project catchment are available;
  • Partially observed data of that catchment and / or reasonably defined records at neighboring catchments; and
  • No observed data are available.
HDA 2 will incorporate all approaches currently being followed in India (hydro-meteorological, statistical and regional) with possible improvements and also in conjunction with internationally used methodologies. The design flood value should be chosen on the basis of critical comparison of results of two or three best methods, including standardized methods.
List of identified tools proposed in HDA 2
SI. No
Software G/UG/PG
1 Tool for development of response function for basins of size less than 5000 km2 which will include determination of T-hour Unit Hydrograph using storm event and concurrent discharge values, Collin's method, Nash model, Clark model UHPACKI (NIH) + In house G
2 Tool for determination of response function for basins of size less than 5000 km2 using Snyder's method, Dimensionless unit hydrograph and GIUH where concurrent rainfall and discharge data are not available In house UG/PG
3 Tools for implementation of updated CWC sub-zonal reports. In house UG/PG
4 Tool for storm analysis which includes determination of depth area duration curves, guidelines for storm transposition, storm maximization, barrier adjustment, elevation correction and development of storm hyetograph. HMR52 + In house G
5 Tools for IDF curve analysis. In house G
6 Tool for determination of parameters of channel routing In house G
7 Tool for snowmelt contribution SRM/ Snowmode G/UG/PG
8 Tool for hydraulic routing. HEC-RAS G
9 Tool for integrating GLOF with the intermediate catchment runoff. In house G/UG/PG
10 For computation of flood hydrograph
  • Loss models
  • Transform models
  • Assessment of base flow
  • Routing models
In house/ HEC-HMS G/UG/PG
11 Tools for data mean, SD, skewness, kurtosis and detection of outliers. In house G
12 Tools for parameter estimation of four identified parameter estimation techniques (Method of Moments, Method of Maximum Likelihood, Probability Weighted Moments and L-Moments approach) for Normal, Lognormal (2 and 3 parameters), Pearson III, Log Pearson III, Gumbel and GEV distributions etc In house G
13 Tools for 5 (Chi-square, KS test, Cramer Von Mises, D-index and ADC) goodness of fit tests In house G
14 Interface for graphic representation of best fit distribution and original series with confidence band In house G
15 Tools for identification of region of influence (ROI) of the ungauged basins In house UG/PG
16 Tools to implement L-moment approach of RFFA analysis In house UG/PG
17 Tools for USGS method pooled curve method and Analytical methods In house UG/PG
18 Tools for all empirical formulae In house G/UG/PG
19 Tools for estimation of design flood from updated CWC envelope curves In house G/UG/PG
20 Tool for Rational method for both urban and agricultural catchments In house G/UG/PG
21 Tool for Kinematic Wave model for urban catchments HEC-HMS G
22 Tool for SCS curve number method for agricultural catchments HEC-HMS G
ROAD MAP for HDA-II (Design Flood)