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Hydrological Design Aids (Surface Water)    Objective   HDA 1
HDA 1: Assessment of Water Resources Potential- Availability/ Yield Assessment
This study has been developed to estimate the water yield series at any point of interest across the stream or any other point at different levels of dependability. There may be three different cases for which water yield estimation may be needed viz;
  • Gauged Catchment (all data with desired length available)
  • Partially Gauged Catchment (all data with partial length, partial data with full length or discontinued data is available)
  • Ungauged Catchment (No data within study area available)
Keeping in view the above aspects, all the methodologies with proper provision of data consistency tests, filling and missing gaps, extension of series (rainfall & runoff, runoff- runoff or any other combination etc.) on different time steps has to be developed for all the data scenarios as stated above. This includes synthetic generation of yield series of desired length (40-50 years).
Tools for various process of HDA 1
Tools Suggested
Flow naturalization WRAP
NWDA Water Balance method (in house)
Synthetic Flow Generation In house
Data validation and gap filling In house
Hind-casting of flow data with Rainfall-Runoff modeling MWSWAT,
Model E
Regression Techniques (in house)
    P-Q and Q-Q (linear, non-linear, multi-linear)
Model similar to NAM
Water resources system modeling Hec ResSim
River basin modeling WRAP
Snowmelt runoff modeling (including segregation into rainfed and snowfed, seasonal and permanent snowline, rainfall and snowfall characteristic) WINSRM/ SNOWMOD
Glacier melt runoff modeling WINSRM
Technique for assessing the potential impact of climate change MWSWAT
Development of Flow Series for a Given Basin- HDA1- ROAD MAP
Development of Flow Series for a Given Basin- HDA1- ROAD MAP
Development of Flow Series for a Given Basin- HDA1- ROAD MAP