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Hydrology Project Ground Water PDS
Purpose Driven Studies  Hydrology Project  Ground Water PDS
PDS is related to specific issues of water management problems identified within the area of operation of implementing agencies and of public concern. Outcome of the studies are expected to provide feasible and cost effective methodology for replication in other areas situated in similar hydro-geological setup.
Ground Water PDS
Ground Water PDS
GW-AP-1 Assessment of Groundwater Quality around Hussain Sagar catchment area, Greater Hyderabad.
Principal Investigator Sri. B.M. Murali Krishna Rao
A.P. State Ground Water Department
Budget (In Rs.) 71.77 Lakh
  • Study and assess Impact of urbanization on ground water in quantitative and qualitative aspects
  • Compute Aquifer Parameters and draft data
  • Evaluate suitable measures for Groundwater recharge
  • Develop groundwater mass transport models for separate watersheds and evolve remedial measures to maintain eco-friendly environment
  • Suggest measures to protect Groundwater resources and reduction of pollution
Hydrology Project
GW-AP-2 Participatory geo-ecological management in Tettuvanka basin, Rishi valley, Kurbalakota Mandal, Chittoor District
Principal Investigator Sri. B.M. murali Krishna Rao
A.P. State Ground Water Department
Budget (In Rs.) 73.54 Lakh after MTR
Duration 16 months
  • To focus on demand side management of GW & natural resources rather than pursuing supply side management i.e., a paradigm shift.
  • Addressing geo ecological aspects as
    • Change in recharge
    • Extraction of water resources
    • Change in cropping pattern
    • Agronomic practice
  • Studying the biodiversity and vegetative density in the basin and plan for the propagation of good local species in the gaps
  • Suggest measures for enhancing the functioning of existing water harvesting structure & propose for new structure where feasible.
Hydrology Project
GW-CGWB-1 Study of GW dynamics and installation of real-time GW monitoring system in NCT, Delhi
Principal Investigator Mr. A.D. Rao
Superintending Hydrogeologist
State Unit Office, CGWB
Budget (In Rs.) 154.00 Lakh
  • Real time ground water monitoring through GPRS based Data Logger to ascertain regular changes in the ground water regime.
  • Real Time monitoring of ground water quality in the shallow and deeper aquifers for assessing the suitability and studying the trend of concentration of different chemical parameters.
  • On line dissemination of data to stakeholders for better implementation of various schemes in NCT Delhi.
  • Development of a suitable model for sustainable ground water development suggesting various management strategies.
Hydrology Project
GW-CGWB-2 Specific yield studies for planning and designing artificial recharge structures in sub-urban areas of Chennai
Principal Investigator Mr. N. Varadaraj
Regional Director, CGWB, Chennai
Budget (In Rs.) 53.40 Lakh
  • Estimating the specific yield of the unconfined aquifer of Araniyar-Kortaliyar river basin in Chennai suburban , Tamilnadu
  • To give a decision support system for optimal design of rainwater harvesting structures based on the hydrogeological and geological setup and rainfall incidences. Further the type of structures will be designed and validated for effective recharge of aquifers.
  • Water quality will be studied by collecting water samples from bore wells and open wells and more emphasis will be given to the environmental parameters like BOD, COD, E-Coliform etc., further improvement in water quality will be monitored by adopting recharge measures.
Hydrology Project
GW-GJ-1 Ground Water Management in Water logged area of Dharoi Project Command (RBC) and Strategy to maintain harmony on water levels of Perched Aquifer with Deep Aquifer
Principal Investigator S.V. Patel
GWRD Corporation Ltd, Gandhinagar
Budget (In Rs.) 212.71 Lakh
  • To delineate perched aquifer area
  • Study of perched and deep aquifers
  • G.W. potential study
  • Study of Adverse effect of issue
  • Study of viability of artificial recharge tools
  • Implementing inter aquifer water transmission
Hydrology Project
GW-KN-1 Urban Ground Water Hydrology & Ground Water Quality in and around Bangalore city
Principal Investigator D. Srikant Murthy
Deupty Director, Ground Water
Budget (In Rs.) 55 Lakh
  • Evaluation of Groundwater requirement to the fast growing Bangalore City
  • Strengthening of monitoring network stations to observe micro level changes in water level and quality
  • Determination of groundwater quality
  • Evaluation of the commercial exploitation of groundwater
  • Preparation of groundwater vulnerability maps in GIS environment
  • Rain water harvesting and groundwater resources development plans
  • Information dissemination, Awareness creation and Knowledge sharing
Hydrology Project
GW-MH-1 Techno Economic Feasibility of Artificial Recharge of aquifer as a mitigatory measure in Fluoride affected area, Distt. Yavatmal
Principal Investigator Mr. Arvind B. Wadaskar
Senior Geologist
GW Survey and Development Agency
Budget (In Rs.) 23.19 Lakh
  • Identification of litho units associated with fluoride content.
  • Assessment of ground water quality with special reference to fluoride.
  • Socio-economic impact including health hazards in study area.
  • Influence of different kind of artificial scheme on fluoride reduction.
  • Feasibility studies for artificial recharge for fluoride mitigation.
  • Develop action plan to tackle the issue of fluoride contamination in the study area.
  • Undertaking widespread awareness campaign to mitigate fluoride.
Hydrology Project
GW-MH-2 Study of Ground Water Dynamics in the Earthquake affected area of Manjar sub-basin, Watershed no. MR-35, mini watershed No.2/5 Distt. Lattur.
Principal Investigator Mr. S.G. Kulkarni
Senior Geologist
GW Survey and Development Agency
Budget (In Rs.) 40.75 Lakh
  • To study the groundwater dynamics in earthquake area in this study following points are considered.
  • To study the effect of earthquake on water level in the area.
  • What is the effect on groundwater movement?
  • Is there any change in chemical components of the groundwater after earthquake?
  • Is there any effect of occurrence of groundwater depth?
  • Is there any change in yield in groundwater?
  • What will be the effect on cropping pattern in the area?
Hydrology Project
GW-MH-3 Effects of sea water intrusion on Ground Water quality in & around Kelwa- Mahim village, Distt. Thane, Konkan Region
Principal Investigator Mr. V.S. Deshpande
Senior Geologist
GW Survey and Development Agency
Budget (In Rs.) 25 Lakh
  • To develop the relation between the rise and fall in the sea water levels and its effect on the fresh groundwater aquifer
  • To demarcate the extent of encroachment of sea water thus to delineate the subsurface position of the zone of mixing
  • To study the rate of change in chemical quality and there by recommend the preventive measures
  • Possible solution for reducing the salinity in ground water
  • Management of groundwater to recover the areas affected by saline water intrusion
Hydrology Project
GW-MP-1 Applying Aquifer modification techniques like Hydrofraking, bore blasting in existing GW abstraction structures built on various Hydro geological units of Dhasan Basin
Principal Investigator Ground Water Survey
Water Resources Department Bhopal
Budget (In Rs.) 107 Lakh

Applying Hydrofracking and other subsurface techniques enhance well-yield and storage in hard rock area of Bundelkhand Granite, Bijawar, Vindhyan Sandstone, Deccan traps and other Crystalline rocks of Dhasan-Basin

  • To assess the applicability of Hydrofraking & Bore blasting in other areas with similar hydro geological conditions.
  • To develop a methodology for achievement of the optimum abstraction region for the study project area.
  • To provide training facilities for the officers of state governments to gain special experience and competence in development of wells to augment its optimum field and also methods of testing open well and tube wells for their hydraulics properties, techniques of interpretation of geo electrical survey.
Hydrology Project
GW-MP-2 Ground Water Quality in Jabalpur urban areas with emphasis on transport of pathogenic pollutants
Principal Investigator V. Dubey
WQ Lab II, Jabalpur
Budget (In Rs.) 32.32 Lakh
  • The principle theme of the work is to focus light on the quality status of ground water around the Omti Nalla of Jabalpur city and also to know the extent of pollution, which introduced into the surrounding ground water.
  • The main aim of the work is to generate that true scientific data of the ground water quality, which will be utilized for the future plans in the field of water management.
  • The study will generate a case study that is the side application in the field of ground water use and human health. The case study pertaining to the quality of natural water will help further researcher in the field of Madhya Pradesh on the basis of proposed study.
  • Ultimately the principle objective of the present work is to continuously monitor the ground water quality around the contaminated Nalla for ground water protection and quality conservation and also to assess that the ground water of the surrounded area is suffer from how much pollution load, hence it is prime importance to continuous monitor the ground water quality not only for its present use but also as a potential source of water for further consumption.
Hydrology Project
GW-NIH-1 Study of coastal Ground Water Dynamics and Management in the Saurashtra region, Gujarat
Principal Investigator Dr. Anupama Prasad
Scientist- C, GWH Division, NIH Roorkee
Budget (In Rs.) 97.86 Lakh
  • To characterize various hydrologic components and establish their quantitative inter-relationships in the coastal aquifer system.
  • To identify causes of increasing GW salinity & its far reaching consequences on coastal aquifer system.
  • To establish physico-chemical mechanism of mixing of GW-SW.
  • To numerically simulate transport of saltwater in coastal aquifer system & study impact of existing aquifer management practices on gw regime
  • To develop a trade-off model for planning sustainable GW development program & evolve guidelines for design of possible remedial measures.
  • To evaluate impact of anticipated climate change on GW recharge & dynamics of coastal aquifer system and suggest suitable remedial measures.
  • Analysis of effect of water quality degradation due to saltwater intrusion on socio-economic growth.
  • Rollover of project output to Gujarat State Dept. & concerned users in terms of technology transfer of technical know-how gained during the project.
Hydrology Project
GW-NIH-3 Groundwater Management in Over Exploited of Chitradurga & Tumkur Districts of Karnataka
Principal Investigator Dr. Bhishm Kumar
Scientist- F, NIH Roorkee
Budget (In Rs.) 79.70 Lakh
  • To analyze groundwater availability at specific sites including artificial recharge structures.
  • To develop integrated understanding of hydrologic, social, economic perspectives.
  • To improve stakeholder engagement and community participation for developing groundwater resources.
  • To identify anthropogenic interventions and evaluate their likely impact for effective groundwater management.
  • To arrive at a management and regulation policy for identified over-exploited blocks on an operational basis.
Hydrology Project
GW-NIH-4 Groundwater dynamics of Bist Doab area, Punjab, using isotopes.
Principal Investigator Dr. M. Someshwar Rao
Scientist- C, NIH Roorkee
Budget (In Rs.) 80.32 Lakh
  • Identification of groundwater recharges zones and recharges sources.
  • Mapping of groundwater flow pattern and flow velocity
  • Ground Water modeling using (modflow Software)
Hydrology Project
GW-OR-1 Application of remote sensing technique for mapping waterlogged and salt affected areas in coastal tract, Orissa
Principal Investigator Mr. B.C. Mallick
Director & CE
Directorate of Groundwater Survey & Investigation, Orissa
Budget (In Rs.) 83.00 Lakh
  • Estimation/ quantification of water logged and salt affected areas in the costal district of Cuttack, Jaipur, Jagatsinghpur and kendrapara of Orissa through remote sensing techniques.
  • Study of water logged and soil salinity areas under different prevailing conditions.
  • Study of behavior of surface water system, drainage problem, water balance study and study of its chemical quality.
  • Hydrogeological and geochemical study of the unconfined aquifer.
  • Study of tidal inundation causing soil salinity.
  • Identify and suggest appropriate methods for reclamation and management of salt affected soils for resumption of agricultural production.
  • Development of generic model for Decision Support System (DSS) on reclamation and management of salt affected soils for resumption of agricultural production.
  • Selection of field demonstration site for crop response studies.
  • Documentation and highlighting the research outcome through media technology.
Hydrology Project
GW-OR-2 Planning for optimal development of GW in coastal sand pockets of Orissa
Principal Investigator Mr. B. C. Mallick
Director & CE
Directorate of Groundwater Survey & Investigation, Orissa
Budget (In Rs.) 105.00 Lakh

The proposed PDS scheme aims at delineation of potential sand dune pockets along the coastal tract of Orissa, quantitative and qualitative assessment of ground water resources available in these pockets and planning for its optimum utilization to cater to the need of the local beneficiaries.

  • Identification of the sand dunes along the coastal tract of Orissa through application of remote sensing technique and field truthing.
  • Study of aquifer geometry of the coastal sand dunes.
  • Ground water resources assessment in the selected sand dune pockets in the project area.
  • Ground water quality monitoring in the sand dune pockets for assessing the suitability and studying the trend of concentration of different parameters.
  • Study of the sustainability of available ground water resources of selected sand dine pockets, different artificial recharge measures in selected locations with regards to augmentation of fresh water reserve (both quantitatively and qualitatively) in sand dune pockets.
  • Development of a customized generic model on planning for optimum development of ground water in coastal sand dune areas.
Hydrology Project
GW-PU-1 To improve the GW potential of drastically affected deep seated cretaceous aquifer (Vanur sandstone) in northern parts of Pundicherry through appropriate recharge techniques
Principal Investigator V. Radhakrishnan
Nodal officer cum Hydrogeologist
State Ground water Unit & soil conservation, Pondicherry
Budget (In Rs.) 97.45 Lakh
  • Over mining of Ground Water in the past has resulted in deterioration of water quality as well as in the drastic depletion of groundwater resources, which led to de-saturation of shallow aquifer zones and also increase in the TDS content of groundwater. The objective of the study is to restore the quality as well as the potential of groundwater.
Hydrology Project