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Study to improve the groundwater potential of drastically affected deep seated Cretaceous aquifer (Vanur sandstone) in northern part of Pundicherry region through appropriate recharge techniques
State Groundwater Unit , Government of Pudicherry
Groundwater quality in Pundicherry has deteriorated in recent years and is over-exploited (CGWB estimate that pumping is 179% of the figure sustainable by recharge). The study was undertaken to:
  1. Historically Pundicherry relied on surface water from a system of tanks. However these tanks have not been maintained and people now rely on groundwater.
  2. Groundwater levels have fallen dramatically due to over-pumping.
  3. The aim was to examine the possibilities for artificial recharge and to study its effect on groundwater quality.
Results and Recommendations
  1. Areas worst affected by over-extraction were identified using Rockwell geological modeling software and possible recharge sites identified.
  2. Recharge from one large tank (Katterikuppam) was considered but because it was underlain by 86m plus of clay, construction of recharge wells to the underlying Vanur sandstone would have been very expensive.
  3. An alternative tank (Kuppam) was too small to provide sufficint water for effective recharge.
  4. Unfortunately at the time of writing (April 2014) no final report is available and so no further details of results can be presented.
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