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The impact of contaminated Shahpura Lake on the groundwater environment, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Water Resources Department , Government of Madhya Pradesh
Groundwater around Shahpura Lake provides the main source of water to the area. However, the lake is highly polluted and the study was undertaken to:
  1. Develop a long-term monitoring mechanism to keep a vigil on the progression of surface water pollution by systematic periodic sampling of groundwater quality.
  2. Study the impact of contaminants on biological diversity and tropic status of the lake and identification of indicator species.
  3. To link limnological data with groundwater quality data in the area.
Results and Recommendations
  1. 522 water quality samples were analysed from 25 locations.
  2. The study was able to demonstrate linkages between lake water and groundwater supporting the belief that groundwater was being polluted from effluents entering the lake.
  3. Native fish species were declining in the lake because of the poor water quality yet tilapia species were thriving.
  4. The project linked biological water quality indicators, such as fish counts and water plants to water quality.
  5. A number of water quality indexes were tested.
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