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Relative study of groundwater dynamics in the earthquake affected area of Latur District, Maharashtra
Ground Water Surveys and Development Agency, Latur (M.S.)
The Latur District of Maharashtra was affected by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in September 1993 which was believed to have affected groundwater in the basalt aquifer. The PDS sought to investigate:
  1. Changes in the lateral and vertical movement of groundwater following the earthquake;
  2. Changes in the chemical quality of the groundwater and to assess its suitability for drinking and irrigation;
  3. Water level trends and yields from dug wells and boreholes since the earthquake;
  4. Potential action plans for improving groundwater yields and recharge.
Results and Recommendations
  1. Unfortunately the PDS had only limited groundwater information on aquifer conditions prior to the 1993 earthquake.
  2. Some of the inferred impacts of the earthquake are therefore based on scanty evidence. Nevertheless there are some interesting aspects to the study.
  3. In general groundwater quality is quite good.
  4. There has been a shift from flood irrigation to drip irrigation over the past decade and changes in cropping patterns. However, it is unclear whether this was driven by the earthquake or by other factors.
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