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Specific yield studies for planning and designing of artificial recharge structures in sub-urban areas of Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Central Groundwater Board, Southeastern Coastal Region, Chennai
Previous studies by the Department of Mines and Geology had shown that groundwater pollution in Bangalore was due mainly to sewage disposal and had recommended better sewerage treatment. The population had grown dramatically (almost doubling) over the previous two decades and water supply and sanitation facilities had not kept pace. The PDS therefore sought to:
  1. Identify the issues concerning water management in the agency?s area of competence and operation, and
  2. Study specific issues of water management and public concern.
Results and Recommendations
  1. 12 new monitoring piezometers were constructed to augment the small number (6) previously existing.
  2. A very comprehensive groundwater sampling programme was undertaken with over 3,000 samples taken and analysed from the 800km2 study area which produced a very comprehensive understanding of the current state of groundwater in and around Bangalore.
  3. In the 12 months from February 2009 to January 2010 almost 14,500 new boreholes were drilled within the study area, a growth rate of 14.9%.
  4. Yields typically decline with depth , especially below 250m.
  5. Detailed maps of overall groundwater quality were produced along with spatial analyses of specific problem areas affected by particular pollutants, such as a cluster of oil and grease problems beneath petrol bunkers in the west of the city.
  6. Overall a very comprehensive report.
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