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Specific yield studies for planning and designing of artificial recharge structures in sub-urban areas of Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Central Groundwater Board, Southeastern Coastal Region, Chennai
Recognising the ever-growing demands on groundwater, CGWB undertook this study to:
  1. Investigate the different hydrogeological settings throughout the study area and conduct field experiments to estimate the specific yield and other aquifer properties.
  2. New boreholes with associated observation wells were constructed at 5 locations throughout the Tiruvallur District west of Chennai.
  3. Pumping tests were carried out at all sites.
  4. To develop a decision support tool (DSS) for optimal design of rainwater harvesting structures to aid aquifer recharge.
Results and Recommendations
  1. The volume dewatering method was found to be the best way of estimating specific yield (Sy).
  2. Sy is very variable over the area and not obviously related to soils, geology or geomorphological features.
  3. Hence the study was unable to provide a DSS to guide future groundwater development work.
  4. The report unfortunately gives no information on the quality of the groundwater.
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