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Decision Support Systems
The Hydrology Project has been pioneering the use of decision support systems (DSS) in the field of water resources management
The DSS is a system of databases and models representing water movement in the catchment that can be used to explore how decisions might impact on the water resources situation thus allowing detailed appreciation of the consequences of decisions, and hence the selection of ?better? decisions.
Two types of DSS have been developed:
  1. 1. A DSS to support water resources planning
  2. DSS to support operation of water resources schemes
For water resources planning, the National Institute of Hydrology has led a project to implement such a DSS in thirteen basins in nine States.
(For more details, click here )
(The project web-site for DSS(Planning) can be found here)
For Real Time DSS, (Find more details here)
A leaflet describing the RT-DSS for BBMB can be Downloaded here